For estoppel requests please contact the on-site office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What repairs and upgrades have been performed in recent years? Seven years ago, a sea wall was installed. Six years ago, concrete restoration was performed on the balconies. Four years ago, the garage and all parking areas had concrete repairs as needed. A former parking lot on the north side of the building was converted to a grass area for recreation and relaxation. More recently new elevator systems were installed, and the roof was completely replaced. In 2020-21, the first floor of the condo (Lobby, Ocean View Room, Fitness Room, Offices, hallways, etc.) were completely renovated. In 2021-22, the major project is stucco repair and painting of the entire outside of the building.

Is there a Reserve fund to pay for necessary repairs? A portion of the quarterly assessment is placed in the reserve fund, so the amount changes frequently. Please, contact Association Managing office and he can provide the current balance.

Is there building insurance? What does this insurance cover? The Condo Association has insurance on the building which cover the outside and common areas. The condo owner is responsible for insuring their contents.

What are Condominium Association Fees (HOA)? The elected condominium Board of Directors prepares and approves a budget each year. To keep up with the cost of living increases the Condominium fees may increase once a year. Condominium fees are billed quarterly.

What is included in the Condominium fee? The fees pay for the professional management company, electricity for common areas, water, trash removal, fire alarm system monitor, elevator maintenance, exterminator contract, HAVC service for common areas, landscaping maintenance, office expenses, miscellaneous repairs, insurance. etc.

Are there assigned parking spaces? Is there an electric vehicle charging station? The standard size units have one assigned space and the larger units (Floor 17 and higher) have two assigned parking spaces in the underground garage. There not an electric vehicle charging station.

If I have two cars where can I park the second car? Can I rent a space? In the upper North parking lot, there are parking spaces for owners. You can rent a parking space directly from other condominium owners.

Can I leave my car in handicap parking space for extended periods? Handicap spaces are for temporary use.

Is there an exercise room? Yes, and it is open 7 days a week from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

What hours are the swimming pool and Spa-Jacuzzi open? The pool is open from dawn to dusk. Rules for pool use are posted on the pool deck.

When can an owner renovate? Most renovations require a permit from the Town of Riviera Beach and must be performed by a licensed and insured contractor. Owners planning renovations must coordinate with the condo Manager. Every year there is a quiet time (no renovations) when most of the owners are in residence. This is usually from late November to April. Please, consult with the management office for current dates.

Is the manager on site? The manager is on site Monday to Friday and is on call for emergencies.

Is this a pet friendly building? Pets are not permitted in the condo. Emotional support animals and Service animals are permitted after approval by the manager and Board of Directors. There is a form which list the specific requirements for approval.

Can I have visitors when I am not in the building? Yes, you must inform the property manager in writing prior to the arrival of the guest occupying your apartment. If your guests stay 21 consecutive days, then your guest must submit an application for background check with the association office.

Where do I recycle? There are yellow and blue recycle bins in the garage. There is a trash chute on each floor foe bagged trash.

Is there anyone on site 24/7 to handle an emergency? If you have a life threating emergency, please call 9-1-1. For other emergencies regarding maintenance issues contact the concierge at the Front desk 24/7.

Can I send ship items to the Corniche? Will the items be delivered to my unit? The concierges accept deliveries from UPS, FedEx and Amazon and store them in a secure room until an owner can pick them up. You must sign a liability release.

Who is responsible for maintaining the shutters? The owner of each unit is responsible for maintenance of the shutters. It is strongly recommended to always keep shutters in working order as they provide an important protection during a hurricane or sever storm. When owners are away for an extended time, shutters that are closed greatly reduce sunshine and heat to the condo.

How often can I rent or sublet my condo in calendar year? An owner may rent a unit once a calendar year for a minimum of three months.

Does the condo have chairs for the beach? Chaise lounges are available on the beach in stacks of 3. Owners are responsible to stack them back after use, during the “OFF Turtle Season”, November 1st to April 30th.

Where can I store my beach chair? There is a storage area on the pool deck behind the grills.